• Name: Join under any name you wish, but I warn you now; if you have a kitty-pet name when you first join and don't ask me IN ROLE PLAY for a certain warrior name, then I'll give you one. Also, no Dragonbreath, Pacifictears, Hammerclaw, ect. A cat ,may live by the Pacific, but it wouldn't know what its called -.- And if you start off as a kit or apprentice, I'll be choosing your warrior name.
  • Gender: tom or she-cat, of course.
  • Kin: In StarClan or out is fine.
  • Description: Personality, looks, ect. BUT PLEASE NO MARRY SUES OR UNREAL DISCRIPTIONS! (Ex: Marry Sue= Perfect person. No being cute, clever, strong, charming and every other good thing at once. We all have our good and bad. Even Sweetheart has her good qualities, and even Hawkstar has her bad. Also, no red paws, purple eyes, ect. And if your blind or deaf, you will not be a warrior or medicine cat. Jayfeather was only a medicine cat because he had POWERS. Get. Over. It.).
  • Background: Where you came from. Please don't have every possible bad thing happen to you. Its irratating.
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